What is EDAMAME Arcade Channel?

EDAMAME Arcade Channel is an English-language YouTube channel brought to you by SQUARE ENIX that focuses on a wide variety of Japanese gaming news and culture.

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Tom Lee


Tom Lee
(Tom Lee / トム・リー)

Director / Editor / Content Creator
Tom's multimedia endeavors run the gamut from video producer to radio DJ and everything in-between. He's a massive fan of all kinds of games, from shooters to fighters, and from RPGs to CCGs. He's a competitive gamer with tournament experience, and he even once managed his own arcade!
Coming in at an impressive 6'5", this British-born, Australian-raised content creator truly is a multimedia mammoth!

(Kabukin / カブキン)

YouTuber / Drummer / Composer
Kabukin was once a member of a major band, but has since gained popularity as a YouTuber, with his videos spanning everything from the acting business to his own original compositions.
With his striking kabuki-inspired face paint, this American-raised influencer is sure to leave an impression!

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Once you start eating edamame, you just can't stop─and just like those mean, green beans, once you've seen an EDAMAME Arcade show, you'll want to watch them all!

We want to bring Japanese gaming culture to the whole, wide world. Even the EDAMAME Arcade Channel logo looks like a classic arcade controller!

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