Square Enix to Create New Experiences, Games with the Cloud

The Future, Led by Cloud Games

The game industry is a massive forest, one that transforms as it grows.
What has caused its incredible growth? I believe that growth is the result of a powerful propulsive force, caused by the trio of innovations in technology, business model, and content design coming together.

In recent years, while the game industry has continued to grow unchanged, I believe that innovation in business models, where the customer determines price (e.g. the F2P model), has been the driving force of growth. Furthermore, this epoch-making model has room to penetrate into various regions, devices and customer segments, and will undoubtedly remain the driving force of the continuous expansion of the industry. On the other hand, we have not seen major breakthroughs in technology, and as a result, I feel that content design has stalled, making the propulsive force unbalanced.

Square Enix believes in the future of cloud gaming.

In addition to revolutionary business models, we should be able to leverage the power of this groundbreaking technology to create completely new game experiences. This will result in a significant leap for the game industry. Furthermore, cloud games will fundamentally change the game industry ecosystem. Not only will cloud games offer completely new experiences, it will also revolutionize how we market, develop and finance games. I see cloud gaming to be the culmination of the digital network era of the game industry.

At last, cloud gaming is about to begin.

In order to seize this enormous opportunity, we began by studying the core of this technology. Project FLARE is that research and development. With the project successfully having realized the technological breakthrough we have been seeking, we are now ready to extend and commercialize this technology to develop new content.

And Square Enix believes it can build something even greater with your help We are seeking those who share a similar vision and want to work with us to lead the way to this future together. Square Enix looks forward to working with you.

Chairman Yoichi Wada

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