About Romancing SaGa 2
Romancing SaGa 2 is one of the many titles in the lauded SaGa roleplaying game series. In this popular entry, released for the Super Famicom in Japanese only in 1993 and boasting sales in excess of one million copies, the player's struggle spans multiple generations as he assumes the role of a series of rulers of the Varennes Empire in a valiant struggle against the Seven Heroes. A free scenario system—a hallmark of the SaGa series—enables the player to take command of a variety of protagonists along the line of imperial succession and experience the history of a nation as it grows and changes. This freedom of choice provides a compelling narrative that served as the cornerstone of the title's success on its initial release.

The Legend of the Seven Heroes As demons from every dimension threatened to consume the land, Seven Heroes rose to banish the evils to whence they came. Yet they vanished without a trace before they could revelin their victory.

Tales of the seven—Kzinssie, Subier, Dantarg, Noel, Bokhohn, Rocbouquet, and Wagnas—were told around the world, and many clung to the belief that they would reappear to bring order to the world. People raised their voice in prayer with each successive blight,

seeking succor and salvation. Peace eventually embraced the land without the intervention of the seven, and their story faded into faerie tales.

Nations rose and fell until only a select few remembered the Seven Heroes and their deeds of valor.

Yet eventually the peace was shattered and dusty tomes describing the Seven Heroes were unearthed. Though they did come as prophesized...


Leaders of the Varennes Empire have long been known for their ambition, but none surpass that of Emperor Leon. His leadership and vision united the land in an effort to restore peace to Varennes, but he fell in battle against Kzinssie, one of the seven heroes, in the Varennesian capital of Avalon.


The second prince of the Varennes Empire, Gerard is more even tempered than both his father Leon and his brother Victor, and makes up for his shortcomings on the field of battle with his insatiable thirst for knowledge. Yet he has no choice but to fight when he succeeds his father and is thrust into a role of responsibility.



Using weapons and martial arts in battle occasionally enables the character to learn new techniques. A light bulb will flash over the character's head when this occurs, indicating a new technique has been mastered and can be freely used from that point forward.

Battle Formations

The attributes of characters vary depending on where they are placed within a particular formation, and they may become more or less likely to be targeted by enemy attacks. When someone not of Avalonian blood ascends to the throne, speaking with soldiers at the training grounds may enable him or her to learn new formations.

Tempering and Concocting

New spells and techniques may be concocted and weapons tempered, and a university may even be constructed in Avalon itself. These and other such developments promote the growth of the Varennes Empire.

Imperial Succession

When the emperor passes on, whether through falling in combat or by the mere passage of time, the player may select a successor to the throne. The new emperor is able to use all the techniques and spells of the previous one. Thus, the royal line becomes stronger over time, and previously unachievable goals slowly come into reach.

Freeform Scenarios

Romancing SaGa 2 is an RPG with a dynamic freeform scenario system that enables the player to freely explore a variety of tales once the introductory event is over. Time passes and the world changes based on player actions.


The background graphics of Romancing SaGa 2 have been updated specifically for this release! Enjoy a visually pleasing experience as you explore a narrative just as compelling as it was in 1993.

Certain battles now contain special animations, adding a dramatic flair to heated combat!


Original Dungeons

Four new dungeons that take a deeper look into the mysteries of the Seven Heroes make an appearance. Obsidian, crimson, azure, and verdant labyrinths lead to new friends and yield exciting battle formations. Yet something even greater lies beyond, shedding insight into the aftermath of a nigh-endless struggle.

Avalonian Gardens

Within the Avalonian Gardens a single tree stands tall and proud, the master of all it surveys. As it grows and bears fruit, the wealth of the empire increases, bringing along with it more imperial crowns.

New Game+

The New Game+ function reads existing save data and carries over character attributes and items into a brand new game, enabling you to enjoy the story in a much easier fashion than their first play through, perhaps helping you snag items you may have missed or save lands and companions you have had to sacrifice originally.

Those who have fulfilled certain conditions may be able to meet up with the dearly-departed Victor...


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