Square Enix Releases First NFT Collectible Art Project! Delve Into the Mystery-Solving Fantasy Adventure--SYMBIOGENESIS

Tokyo, Japan (December 21, 2023) - SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD (the "Company") launched its inaugural NFT collectible art project, "SYMBIOGENESIS," where players engage in community discussions on Discord, exchanging information, progressing through the narrative, and uncovering hidden items.

Set in an independent world where a multitude of characters (NFT collectible art) coexist, SYMBIOGENESIS is a new form of entertainment where players engage in strategic interactions and speculation of the story among each other. The project encourages active interaction in the dedicated community and features a unique aspect of gameplay where the NFT collectible art is represented as characters. Players undertake missions designed around the theme of "monopoly and distribution" to unravel the secrets through puzzle-solving challenges in a desolate high fantasy world.


SYMBIOGENESIS is a fantasy adventure that places a strong emphasis on community engagement. To progress the adventure, players must complete quests by uncovering hidden items, using community platforms such as Discord to exchange information.
Players will navigate through the story by solving a variety of mysteries while facing the sudden threat of a "dragon" in the Floating Continent, which serves as the story setting. By collaborating with other players in the communities such the official Discord server, players can uncover the hidden lore and experience a unique and immersive fantasy adventure experience that is truly distinctive.

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Getting Started with SYMBIOGENESIS
SYMBIOGENESIS is a playable on Google Chrome (both smartphones and PCs). To get started, Players will need a Discord account with two-factor authentication and an NFT wallet (using the MetaMask app).

1.Progressing the Main Story
Aim to complete the main story by reading the given clues. Follow the clues to find out the locations of the characters and items needed to complete the story missions.

2.Find the quest items, complete the Quests
The clues for discovering the hidden items on the Floating Continent are provided only by exchanging information with fellow players on the official Discord bulletin board or acquiring clues from holders with relevant information will be the key to completing the quests.

3.Delving into three different types of stories, unravel the mysteries of the Floating Continent
・The Main Story that is accessible to all.
・The Quest Story, which will be available once the quest item search is complete.
・The Backstory that requires collective efforts from players to unlock.

Note: Players will not have immediate access to all the stories; instead, they will collaborate with other players to unlock the abovementioned stories over time.

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Launch Date

December 21st, 2023

Supported chains

Ethereum, Polygon

Supported browser

Google Chrome (both smartphones and PCs, others TBD)

Supported wallet


Supported Languages

English, Japanese

Official website

Official Discord

Official X (Formerly Twitter)
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