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Are you interested in joining us but unable to find the position you are looking for? Or perhaps you would like to keep your options open?
Joining Career Link puts you within reach of professionals recruiting in a variety of fields, so take the first step and register today.

Do any of the following describe you?

I’m not in a hurry, but I’m thinking about changing jobs

I’d like to fulfill my potential and further my career.

I want to know where I can put my skills into practice.

The job that I’m looking for isn’t listed.

Using Career Link

To get in touch with us, all you need to do is register. Your personal details will be retained for a maximum of three years, during which they will handled safely and securely.


  1. Follow the link below to create your profile.
  2. The details you provide may then be viewed by SQUARE ENIX staff.
  3. We will contact you once we find a position to which you may be suited.
  4. Respond to let us know whether you are interested.
  5. We will arrange an interview with you.

You may be considered for positions that are not listed on our website.
Since there is no need to specify the field in which you wish to work, we may suggest positions that offer the opportunity to try something new.


  • We may contact you regarding positions at any of the companies in the SQUARE ENIX group.
  • We cannot guarantee that every person who registers to Career Link will be considered for a position.
  • An invitation to an interview is no guarantee that you will be hired as a result.
  • Your details will be retained for a maximum of three years. We will delete or discard all personal information via appropriate methods after expiry of this period.
  • In the event that we have not contacted you within three years but you wish to remain in our database, you will need to register again.
  • If you wish to update your contact details or delete your profile, please follow the “Contact Us” link below.
  • We will take all necessary and appropriate safety control measures to keep your personal information safe and will not disclose any of your details to third parties. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of recruitment via Career Link.

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