Catch the dead before they catch you!

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About This Game
Deadman's Cross is a zombie-themed collectible card battle RPG, and the latest creation from the same team that brought you the multimillion-download hit Guardian Cross.
Hunt down Deadmen and add them to your morbid collection. Build, customize, and train undead hordes to fight for your defense and amusement. Take on jobs from others still living in the hell on earth that is New Livingston. Do whatever it takes to survive in a world ravaged by the zombie apocalypse. An undead mix of traditional card elements, full 3-D FPS zombie hunts, and death-gripping storylines all combine to create a thrilling gameplay experience sure to make you come shambling back for more!
  • 3-D FPS Hunts
  • PvP Card Battles
  • Taking on Jobs
  • Clan Events
In June of 2030, a state of martial law was declared in the United States of America. But since then, both the government and media have fallen silent. All that can be heard from the confines of your apartment are the echoes of screams and gunfire. Obeying the federal order to remain indoors, you have passed the last three months alone in your home. Now, driven by survival and gripped by fear, you unbar the door and step out into the unknown.
People from all walks of life. Historical figures from every era. Animals from all over the world. No life is safe—past or present!
  • Cards: Sample 1
  • Cards: Sample 2
  • Cards: Sample 3
  • Cards: Sample 4
  • Cards: Sample 5
Title: Deadman's Cross / Genre: Zombie Card Battle RPG / Platforms: iPhone, iPad & Android devices / Price: Free-to-play with in-app purchases / Producer: Shinichi Tatsuke (Guardian Cross) / Battle Design: Hiroyuki Ito (FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFVIII, FFIX, FFXII) / Character Design: Akira Oguro (FINAL FANTASY IV: The After Years) / Composer: Naoshi Mizuta (FINAL FANTASY XI, FINAL FANTASY XIII Series)