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  • Pankraz, The hero’s father, who took him off around the world adventuring as a small boy for reasons unknown.
  • Bianca, An old friend of the hero’s, with whom he shared his first adventures as a boy.
  • Nera, A neat, sweet young maiden of impeccable breeding whose exemplary manners very occasionally betray hints of a wilder side.
  • Debora, A haughty young madam with a lofty opinion of herself who doesn’t hesitate to treat even the hero like a servant.
  • A Certain Mysterious Boy and Girl,Two feisty youngsters whose diminutive size belies their towering presence on the battlefield, and who back up the hero with spells, abilities and blistering blows aplenty.

Game Overview

This thrilling tale on a stunning scale can now be enjoyed on pocket-sized devices! Our hero begins the game as a small boy, travelling the world with his father, Pankraz.Over the course of his many adventures, the lovable lad learns and grows...And when he finally becomes a man, he resolves to continue his father’s unfinished quest?to find the Legendary Hero...

Game Features

This smartphone release has a new feature called party talk that allows you to chat with your companions whenever you choose. Controls have been adapted for a vertically-oriented mobile screen for maximum playing comfort.The quick save feature allows you to easily pick up play wherever you left off.

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DRAGON QUEST V Hand of the Heavenly Bride
iPhone/iPod touch/iPad/Android