"SQUARE ENIX AI Tech Preview: THE PORTOPIA SERIAL MURDER CASE" will be available! 

April 21, 2023 10:35 AM

Today, we are glad to announce that we, SQUARE ENIX AI Division, can release a playable Tech Preview of our NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology: "SQUARE ENIX AI Tech Preview: THE PORTOPIA SERIAL MURDER CASE"! The Tech Preview will be released on April 24th, freely available from Steam. In this Tech Preview, you will enjoy the response and feel of NLP technologies tuned for games, following the scenario of the adventure game "THE PORTOPIA SERIAL MURDER CASE" (by Yuji Horii), published from ENIX, 1983.

So what is NLP? Don't worry, our experts will explain it soon on this AI technology blog. In the meantime, please wait a while and try the trending technology called NLP for yourself! We assume that many opinions, impressions, and thoughts will emerge from many perspectives. Some are positive ("Heh!" and "Wow!"), and still others ("Hmm...") may be disappointing. We, AI Division, would be happy if you could experience firsthand the live performance of the current AI technology, both the good and the poor.

Please try current NLP technology by your own hand, through our Tech Demo! 

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