The hero of the story. 
He has red hair bound by a white headband, and carries a long-bladed katana. 
Crono lives with his mother in the village of Truce in the present age. 
His adventures begin when he visits the Millennial Fair to see his friend Lucca's new invention. 
Events lead him to leap into a dimensional rift to save a girl he has only just met...

The childhood friend of Crono. 
She wears large glasses, and has a natural talent for invention and fixing machinery. 
At Leene Square amid the bustle of the Millennial Fair, Lucca awaits Crono's arrival so she can demonstrate her

Marle bumps into Crono near Leene's Bell, and then joins him as he explores the fair. 
This bright, cheerful tomboy is actually the princess of the Kingdom of Guardia. 
When volunteering to try out Lucca's Telepod, she is drawn through a dimensional rift. 
It seems the royal pendant she carries is somehow responsible for the accident...

A solitary knight who lives in the Guardia of the Middle Ages. 
Frog disappears from the stage of history after Magus curses him with his new form. 
However, he is encouraged by his encounter with Crono and his companions to take up a legendary sword and fulfill the last wish of an old friend.

A humanoid robot built solely for the purpose of battle. 
Crono and his friends discover him in a future time period, damaged and abandoned. 
Lucca repairs Robo, and reprograms him to feel a compassion that overrides his original duty to slay all intruders. 
He bears the production number R-66Y.

Ayla is the tribal chieftain of Ioka Village, during the dawn of Prehistory. She lives in a primitive world where humans battle the dinosaur-like "reptites" in a never ending struggle. 
Ayla is fond of strong warriors and strong drink. 
She has a passionate fighting spirit and will tackle any opponent for the sake of a friend. 
Disdaining the use of weapons in battle, she prefers to fight with her bare hands and feet.

Possessed of incredible magical powers, this king of fiends exists in the Middle Ages. 
Magus leads a massive army in a campaign to conquer the world. 
After cursing Frog with his amphibian form, he attempts to reign over Guardia through fear and overwhelming magical might...