Experience the succession of emperors
in Romancing SaGa 2 with your own eyes and ears!

We are pleased to announce a new soundtrack from Romancing SaGa 2 (1993), the fifth entry in the critically-acclaimed SaGa franchise, a role-playing game series spanning multiple platforms.

This soundtrack contains both video and audio components, featuring 36 songs by composer Kenji Ito in a faithfully remastered format only available in this collection. In addition to aural delights accompanied by in-game footage, the soundtrack comes with a booklet containing liner notes and special interview movie from prominent developers associated with this storied franchise.

Enjoy this brand new audiovisual take on the historic succession of emperors!

Release Date
January 29, 2020
Part No.
5,000 JPY + tax
36 songs with video tracks, MP3 formatted song files included
Kenji Ito / Nobuo Uematsu
BDM (Blu-ray Disc Music) / 1 disc / Digipak with full-color booklet


Prelude to an Epic SaGa

Peace is but a distant tale in history.
Regimes lost control, and monsters run
rampant in Varennes and in other lands.
As the world spirals into chaos,
the Seven Heroes grace the lips of man.
An epic story that would span
generations is about to begin.


Revival Disc soundtrack series delivers music and footage from the original games in Blu-ray Disc Music format. Memorable scenes that match each song are carefully selected. Revive the adventures of the past!

Development footage. Subject to change.

Download music in MP3! Connect your device to a home network service to download the files.


  • 1Prologue: Legend of the Seven HeroesPLAY
  • 2Title ScreenPLAY
  • 3Ode of Distant BattlesPLAY
  • 4Avalon, Seat of the EmpirePLAY
  • 5Dungeon Theme 1PLAY
  • 6Battle of the EmperorPLAY
  • 7Victor's Unexpected DemisePLAY
  • 8The Emperor's MarchPLAY
  • 9Clash with KzinssiePLAY
  • 10Sweet Taste of VictoryPLAY
  • 11Stronghold upon the CanalPLAY
  • 12Village Theme 1PLAY
  • 13Dragon's DenPLAY
  • 14Foreign CitiesPLAY
  • 15Over the SeasPLAY
  • 16Legend of the MermaidsPLAY
  • 17ShipwreckedPLAY
  • 18Dungeon Theme 2PLAY
  • 19Village Theme 2PLAY
  • 20Run!PLAY
  • 21Ancient RuinsPLAY
  • 22The Legend BeginsPLAY
  • 23Dungeon Theme 3PLAY
  • 24Encounter with the Seven HeroesPLAY
  • 25Death Spares No OnePLAY
  • 26Wipe Your Tears AwayPLAY
  • 27Final DungeonPLAY
  • 28The Ultimate ConfrontationPLAY
  • 29Ending ThemePLAY
  • 30Imperial LineagePLAY
  • 31EpiloguePLAY
  • 32Tavern Dance of the Mermaids #1
  • 33Tavern Dance of the Mermaids #2
  • 34Tavern Dance of the Mermaids #3
  • 35Tavern Dance of the Mermaids #4
  • 36Prologue: Legend of the Seven Heroes

All music composed by Kenji Ito except track 22 and 26 composed by Nobuo Uematsu.


Album Booklet

Messages from Romancing SaGa original staff included in album booklet.
Akitoshi Kawazu(SaGa series Director)
Kyoji Koizumi(Battle Design / Battle Data Creator)
Kenji Ito(Music Compose) and Hiroshi Takai(Battle Effects Design / Monster Design)

Bonus Movie

As a special bonus, pore over an exclusive interview with three of the SaGa series’ creators: Kenji Ito (Composer), Masanori Ichikawa (Producer), and Moku Tochibori ("SaGa THE STAGE" writer). Experience Romancing SaGa 2 from a variety of completely new perspectives.


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Sleeve case (limited quantity)

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Promotional Video

"Battle of the Emperor" movie clip

"Dragon's Den" movie clip

"Death Spares No One" movie clip

Promotional Video #2

Short Staff Commentary(JP)