Romancing SaGa Original Soundtrack Revival Disc


Music Makes Even the Most Faded Memory Spring to Life

1992年に発売された「ロマンシング サ・ガ」の映像付きサウンドトラックが登場!
「ロマンシング サガ リ・ユニバース」の配信や、
「ロマンシング サガ3」のリマスター版の発売が予定されるなど、
その原点となるスーパーファミコン版「ロマンシング サ・ガ」を、

お手軽なBlu-ray Disc再生で、8人の冒険をより身近にお楽しみください。

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new soundtrack for Romancing SaGa, originally released in 1992, replete with videos!
The Romancing SaGa series continues to experience a renaissance that began in 2018, headlined by the release of the smart phone-exclusive title Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe (working English title) and continuing in 2019 with the planned remaster of Romancing SaGa 3. This soundtrack features a total of 38 nostalgic songs from the original Super Famicom version in revival disc format together with footage from the game that started it all.

Relive your favorite sights, sounds, and scenes from Romancing SaGa in Blu-ray Disc format and experience the adventures of eight different individuals.

2019.10.9 on sale

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Romancing SaGa Original
Soundtrack Revival Disc

発売日Release Date
品番Product Number
伊藤賢治 Kenji Ito, 植松伸夫 Nobuo Uematsu (Track 30)
38 songs with video tracks, MP3 formatted songs included
BDM(Blu-ray Disc Music) / 1枚組 / フルカラーブックレット付デジパック仕様
BDM(Blu-ray Disc Music) / 1 disc / Digipak with a fullcolor brochure


  • 1オーバーチュア〜オープニングタイトルOpening-Overture - Dawn of the Romance
  • 2アルベルトTheme of Albert - The Young Nobleman
  • 3シフTheme of Sif - Warrior of the Icy Land
  • 4クローディアTheme of Claudia - Song of the Nature
  • 5グレイTheme of Gray - Adventurous Spirit
  • 6ジャミルTheme of Jamil - Hello, my Friends!
  • 7アイシャTheme of Aisha - Out in the Steppes
  • 8バーバラTheme of Barbara - Dance Through the Road
  • 9キャプテンホークTheme of Captain Hawk - Lady Luck
  • 10ダンジョン1Step Into the Unknown
  • 11バトル1The Conflict
  • 12勝利!Victory!
  • 13騎士の誇りGlory of the Knight
  • 14称号獲得The Salute
  • 15船旅Sailing the Ocean
  • 16宮殿のテーマPalace of Dreams
  • 17クリスタルシティCrystal City
  • 18迷いの森Lost in the Forest
  • 19ダンジョン2The Conspiracy
  • 20脱出!Hurry Out!
  • 21南エスタミルShop Around Town
  • 22下水道Horrible Shadow
  • 23魔の島The Emerald's Dim Gleam
  • 24四天王のダンジョンThe Four Wills
  • 25バトル2Beat Them Up!
  • 26レクイエム ARequiem
  • 27傷心のアイシャDeserted Village
  • 28孤独のテーマTheme of Solitude
  • 29試練Destined Fate
  • 30涙を拭いてWipe Your Tears
  • 31ラストダンジョンThe Forbidden Realm
  • 32邪神復活Beat of Evil
  • 33決戦!サルーインCoup de Grace
  • 34エンディングテーマEnding Theme - The Saga
  • 35Barbara's TangoTango Frontier (Barbara's Tango)
  • 36冒険者のテーマBard's Tale - Once Upon a Time
  • 37孤独のテーマ2Night of the Shooting Star
  • 38エスタミルWalking Down the Street

特典映像Bonus Movie


Special Interview with Kenji Ito (Composer) and Masanori Ichikawa (Producer)

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