2024.6.5 ON SALE

A 7-inch vinyl record featuring the theme song for the latest FINAL FANTASY XIV expansion,
"Dawntrail", will be available for purchase ahead of the expansion's launch!

The record includes two versions of the iconic track: "Open Sky - The Theme from Dawntrail,"
edited as the main theme, and "Dawntrail," heard in the full-length opening trailer.

The song is composed and performed by the Primals, the official band of FINAL FANTASY XIV,
while Amanda Achen appears as the guest vocalist.

"The jacket features an entirely new illustration
from the talented artists of the FINAL FANTASY XIV team."

7-inch Vinyl Single

  • SQEX-11128
  • 7-inch vinyl
  • 45rpm
  • ¥2,750 (¥2,500+tax)


  • Open Sky - The Theme from Dawntrail
  • Dawntrail



THE PRIMALS - FINAL FANTASY XIV official band led by Sound Director, Masayoshi Soken since 2014. The members are Masayoshi Soken (Gt/Vo), Michael-Christopher Koji Fox (Vo), GUNN (Gt), Eikichi Iwai (Ba) and Tetsuya Tachibana (Dr).

Their major debut album "THE PRIMALS" was released in May 2018, and they have worked on several arrangement albums. Most recently, they produced the main theme for the Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail. In June 2022, they held a two-day concert at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall. Tickets were sold out immediately after going on general sale, capturing a great deal of attention. In September 2024, they will hold "THE PRIMALS Live in Japan - Darkest Before Dawn" for two days at Yokohama Arena, the largest concert ever, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of THE PRIMALS' formation.

The band's activities are not limited to Japan, but also include solo live performances in Seoul, South Korea, and participation in the FINAL FANTASY XIV FAN FESTIVAL held in North America, Europe, South Korea, and China, giving a worldwide appeal with their energetic performances.

Amanda Achen

Los Angeles native Amanda Achen is known for her “pure, crystalline soprano" and tear jerking performances. Ms Achen is a multi-genre vocalist who delights audiences the world over. Equally at home on the concert stage, the jazz club, and in the studio, she has performed to critical acclaim in LA and beyond.

Sought-after by many modern composers for her ability to skillfully sing in a variety of styles, Amanda has recently risen to fame in the gaming world for her emotionally riveting recordings in Final Fantasy XIV and XVI. She has since performed for FFXIV's Eorzean Symphony and Fan Fest in cities around the world.

Classical repetoire includes Mozart’s Requiem, Carmina Burana, Poulenc’s Gloria, Mahler’s Second Symphony, Bach’s Mass in B Minor, Bach’s Magnificat, Haydn’s Creation, Purcell’s King Arthur, Handel’s Messiah, Handel’s Orlando and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem.


Enjoy the music by using the included download code
that features all the songs on the LP in MP3 format.

  • They are not the download code for in-game items.
    Enjoy the music by using the included download code that features all the songs on the LP in MP3 format.