Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Original Soundtrack

Acclaimed music director, Keiichi Okabe, creates an ephemeral world from his collection of melodies that "transcend the boundaries of video game music."

Check out the downloadable "Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars” Original Soundtrack from the developmental team who brought you the "NieR" and "Drakengard" series! Now available!

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Original Soundtrack (Download)

Release Date: November 12, 2021


*Further information about the CD release will be updated at a later date.


  • 1 Pursuing the Dragon - Voice of Journey's Beginnings Composer/Arranger: Keiichi Okabe (MONACA) Preview
  • 2 Where Monsters Nest Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good (MONACA) Preview
  • 3 Pulsating Power Composer/Arranger: Shotaro Seo (MONACA) Preview
  • 4 Pursuing the Dragon (Field Edit Version) Composer/Arranger: Keiichi Okabe (MONACA) Preview
  • 5 Midday Town Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good (MONACA) Preview
  • 6 Dance of the Woodlander Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good (MONACA) Preview
  • 7 Adventure of the Would-Be Hero Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good (MONACA) Preview
  • 8 Tears of the Black Witch Composer/Arranger: Shotaro Seo (MONACA) Preview
  • 9 Forbidden Magic Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good (MONACA) Preview
  • 10 Twin Recollections Composer/Arranger: Keiichi Okabe (MONACA) Preview
  • 11 Twin Recollections (Field Edit Version) Composer/Arranger: Keiichi Okabe (MONACA) Preview
  • 12 Rest In Peace Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good (MONACA) Preview
  • 13 Light Piercing Impurity Composer/Arranger: Shotaro Seo (MONACA) Preview
  • 14 Pursuing the Dragon - The Hereafter Composer: Keiichi Okabe (MONACA) / Arranger: Oliver Good (MONACA) Preview


I intended to include some of our personal preferences while creating the musical world of “Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars” by using an Irish style of music with acoustic sounds at its core. Taking into consideration the muted visuals used throughout the game, we wanted an easy-going style that people won't get tired of hearing while they play. Together with Shotaro Seo and Oliver Good, I lead the charge to create these songs that you'll be listening to. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this music.

Music Director, Keiichi Okabe

Thank you for your support. This is Yoko Taro, the president and CEO of BUKKORO Co., Ltd. I wish to offer my sincerest gratitude to all of you who showed an interest in the Original Soundtrack (download) for my company's newly developed game, “Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars.” The mere fact that you are looking at this web page touches the hearts of all of us involved in the project. Even just that is enough for us. You wouldn't even have to purchase the music for me to be elated. To know that some of you purchased the game and then went on to purchase the music on top of that... well, I will not be so greedy as to hope. I will strive to control myself so that from tomorrow on I can continue to provide my services to you all. I look forward to your guidance and encouragement in the future.

Creative Director, Yoko Taro

Thanks to a certain manga, I found out that THE “OKABE OF THE WORLD” likes to compose music from a tropical island.
That's how totally different his world is from the realm of you and me. But, if you listen to the music such a highfalutin person like Okabe composes, it might catapult you into the upper echelons of society yourself! That sort of thinking will help you dream big.
I hope you all listen to the soundtrack and take off into a new world!

Executive Producer, Yosuke Saito