Romancing SaGa 3 Original Soundtrack Revival Disc

On Sale 04/01/2020

A music collection
about Romancing SaGa 3's Child of Destiny
with an exclusive movie!

We are pleased to announce a new soundtrack from 1995's Romancing SaGa 3, complete with an exclusive movie, in celebration of the SaGa Franchise's 30th anniversary!

This collection contains 70 songs by famed composer Kenji Ito in a format specifically remastered for this soundtrack. Like other entries in this revival series, this product comes complete with a movie containing in-game footage and a booklet containing liner notes featuring some of the title's development team members. As a special bonus, this work also features a special interview with SaGa Franchise creators.
Relive the wonders of Romancing SaGa 3 from a variety of different perspectives.

Release Date
April 1, 2020
Product No.
5,000 JPY + tax
70 songs with video tracks, MP3 formatted song files included
Kenji Ito
BDM (Blu-ray Disc Music) / 1 disc / Digipak with full-color booklet


Once every 300 years, the Rise of Morastrum — an event where the dark star blocks out the sun — threatens the very existence of our world.

All born in that year are doomed to perish before its end.

However, a sole child has survived the Rise of Morastrum each time — this life came to be known as the Child of Destiny.

600 years ago, the child came to be known as the Archfiend, while 300 years ago, the child came to be known as the Matriarch. Both times, they greatly influenced the destiny of the world.

And the Rise of Morastrum strikes again for the third time. Will the Child of Destiny this time around be righteous, evil, or another force that the world cannot fathom?

The Archfiend and the Matriarch
Eight Protagonists
Intertwined Fates
A tales that spans generations is about to reach its climax.


Revival Disc soundtrack series delivers music and footage from the original games in Blu-ray Disc Music format. Memorable scenes that match each song are carefully selected. Revive the adventures of the past!

Development footage. Subject to change.

Download music in MP3! Connect your device to a home network service to download the files.


  • 1Prologue: The Rise of MorastrumPreview
  • 2Title ScreenPreview
  • 3Julian's ThemePreview
  • 4Ellen's ThemePreview
  • 5Sarah's ThemePreview
  • 6Thomas's ThemePreview
  • 7Khalid's ThemePreview
  • 8Mikhail's ThemePreview
  • 9Monika's ThemePreview
  • 10Katarina's ThemePreview
  • 11Field of AdventurePreview
  • 12Battle IPreview
  • 13Victory!Preview
  • 14PodoruiPreview
  • 15Dungeon IPreview
  • 16Battle IIPreview
  • 17Benedictory MarchPreview
  • 18Setting SailPreview
  • 19Muse's ThemePreview
  • 20Dungeon IIPreview
  • 21The Lovely Professor's ThemePreview
  • 22Operation Pet PickupPreview
  • 23Voyage by SeaPreview
  • 24The Holy Town of LancePreview
  • 25The Matriarch's MausoleumPreview
  • 26The Mystical Tank BattlePreview
  • 27The Great ArchPreview
  • 28JunglePreview
  • 29FairyvillePreview
  • 30The Dream EaterPreview
  • 31Dophore's MisdeedsPreview
  • 32Righteous Robin's Theme: Villainy Will Never ProsperPreview
  • 33AwakeningPreview
  • 34Vanguard, Liftoff!Preview
  • 35World's EndPreview
  • 36DesertPreview
  • 37Crystal RuinsPreview
  • 38Eastern RealmsPreview
  • 39City of KingsPreview
  • 40RashkutaPreview
  • 41The Divine TowerPreview
  • 42TradingPreview
  • 43AuroraPreview
  • 44Snowman TownPreview
  • 45Arctic LakePreview
  • 46Gwayne's DenPreview
  • 47Castle LeonidPreview
  • 48The Archfiend's PalacePreview
  • 49The Archfiend's CatacombsPreview
  • 50Buné's DenPreview
  • 51Fire FortressPreview
  • 52Undersea PalacePreview
  • 53Imminent DangerPreview
  • 54Four Sinistrals Battle IPreview
  • 55Utter DefeatPreview
  • 56Sorrow IPreview
  • 57Sorrow IIPreview
  • 58Off to the Battlefield!Preview
  • 59Xuan BattlePreview
  • 60Final DungeonPreview
  • 61Four Sinistrals Battle IIPreview
  • 62Abyss GatePreview
  • 63Final ConfrontationPreview
  • 64Epilogue: A New JourneyPreview
  • 65Ending ThemePreview
  • 66FanfarePreview
  • 67A Night's LodgingsPreview
  • 68Trading: CounterattackPreview
  • 69Trading: DefeatPreview
  • 70The Lovely Professor's Theme (Original Version)Preview


Album Booklet

Messages from Romancing SaGa original staff included in album booklet.

Akitoshi Kawazu(SaGa series Director)
Kazuyuki Ikumori(Map Graphics Designer)
Kenji Ito(Music Compose) and Minoru Akao(Sound Program)

Special Video

Enjoy a special interview looking back on Romancing SaGa 3 from a modern perspective with Romancing SaGa series composer Kenji Ito, SaGa series Producer Masanori Ichikawa, and Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe joint developer Akatsuki Inc.'s Seizan Shimazaki.


Oversized jacket featuring an exclusive design

Special Gift:
This Glory is Ours in MP3 format.

Those who purchase the Romancing SaGa 3 Original Soundtrack Revival Disc from the SQUARE ENIX e-STORE on or before February 28, 2021, will receive a special downloadable track, This Glory is Ours, for a limited time only.
Composed in 1995 by Kenji Ito (Romancing SaGa series composer) and named by Akitoshi Kawazu (SaGa franchise director), this impressive song was not implemented in the original game and is being made available now for the first time ever.

Download available
from April 1, 2020, at 12:00 a.m. (JST)
to March 31, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.

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