Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden Original Soundtrack

A wistful and emotional melody that colors the world of cards.

Music director Keiichi Okabe and MONACA's Shotaro Seo and Oliver Good present "music beyond the realm of game music."

Check out the downloadable "Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden” Original Soundtrack from the developmental team who brought you the "NieR" and "Drakengard" series! Now available!

Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden
Original Soundtrack

Release Date: September 13, 2022


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  • 1 In Search of Stars Composer/Arranger: Shotaro Seo(MONACA) preview
  • 2 Into the Maelstrom Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good(MONACA) preview
  • 3 Cave of Terrors Composer/Arranger: Shotaro Seo(MONACA) preview
  • 4 A Human Home Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good(MONACA) preview
  • 5 Backward Glance Composer/Arranger: Shotaro Seo(MONACA) preview
  • 6 Shifting Sands Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good(MONACA) preview
  • 7 Newterra Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good(MONACA) preview
  • 8 Delighted Beast Tamer Composer/Arranger: Shotaro Seo(MONACA) preview
  • 9 A Dark and Winding Road Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good(MONACA) preview
  • 10 Newterra (Field Edit Version) Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good(MONACA) preview
  • 11 In Search of Stars (Story Edit Version) Composer/Arranger: Shotaro Seo(MONACA) preview
  • 12 Ruins of the Old World Composer/Arranger: Oliver Good(MONACA) preview
  • 13 Primal Power Composer/Arranger: Shotaro Seo(MONACA) preview
  • 14 In Search of Stars: The Ones I Found Composer/Arranger: Shotaro Seo(MONACA) preview


Music Director

Keiichi Okabe

Shotaro Seo, Oliver Good, and I worked together to create the music for the "Voice of Cards" series.

Like the rest of the series, the three of us collaborated on "The Beasts of Burden." However, this time I left the musical composition to Seo and Oliver while I managed the musical direction.

I was able to use the experiences gained from the previous two games to create a musical ambiance that lasts through the whole series; all this while we challenged ourselves to increase the quality of our compositions and connect to the depth of the story through the soundtrack's musical expressions. It's definitely worth listening to. I'm almost jealous of the artistry of this music, and I hope that everyone will listen closely.

Composer, Arranger

Shotaro Seo

We carried over the jazzy elements from the previous installments to "The Beasts of Burden." However, we added in some Northern European folk elements this time, which Oliver and I collaborated on again.

The music in its entirety has become much more morose for this one. But within that doom-and-gloom, there are moments that evoke giggling laughter, or the faint yearning for the touch of another person. I think the musical progression of the game encompasses all the subtle shades of human emotions.

The track "In Search of Stars" is the pivotal theme of the album, but there's also "Primal Power" there holding up the end. Actually, all fourteen of these emotive tracks show the journey of the two main characters, not just the ones I specified. I hope that these songs will become happy memories for everyone who listens to this soundtrack. Please enjoy our work!

Composer, Arranger

Oliver Good

After taking part in composing the music for the first and second installments of the "Voice of Cards" series, I am delighted to be writing again alongside Seo-san for "The Beasts of Burden."

I believe the overall theme of this soundtrack is much darker, exploring colder and grittier tones while also trying to maintain a familiar storytelling atmosphere from the past installments.

Between the songs Seo-san and I were in charge of, I believe we supported each other well stylistically when looking at the soundtrack as a whole, which I hope creates a nice variation of sound throughout the game.

Out of my own songs I would say "Ruins of the Old World" brings forth my fondest memory, but Seo-san's "Primal Power" is my absolute personal favorite. I really hope you enjoy the game and our soundtrack!