EORZEAN SYMPHONY Preview Live Stream - Journey to the West -

2018423日(月) 10:00-


いよいよ開催が迫るアメリカ・ロサンゼルス、ドイツ・ドルトムントで開催するファイナルファンタジーXIVのフルオーケストラコンサート「Eorzean Symphony」。その魅力や楽しみ方を吉田Pとサウンドディレクター祖堅がお伝えします!

放送中は「Primal」データセンターのどこかのワールドにお邪魔し、「吉P散歩」のようにプレイヤーの皆さんとさまざまなコンテンツに挑戦します! 挑戦するコンテンツは演奏される楽曲に関連するもので、ゲーム内のBGMとオーケストラ音源の聞き比べを行います。

- Show Details
Join us for this special livestream event where Naoki Yoshida will be playing with the community live for the first time from the North American data center! Yoshida will also be joined by special guest Masayoshi Soken as the two challenge content related to the upcoming EORZEAN SYMPHONY concert!

In this special livestream, Yoshida and Soken will be discussing the upcoming EORZEAN SYMPHONY Orchestra Concert, revealing the set list, and playing through a variety of in-game content with Warriors of Light on the Primal data center.

Yoshida and Soken will be challenging content related to the concert set list, so be sure you keep our guests alive during those intense moments! In addition, the pair will be comparing the in-game music to the orchestrated versions live on stream. We'll also be asking the viewers to suggest names for the orchestra for the Los Angeles show. What could possibly go wrong? Thankfully Yoshida and Soken will make the final decision...

Fans of FINAL FANTASY XIV music will not want to miss out, so be sure to tune in!



- Who
Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida
Sound Director Masayoshi Soken
Translation by Michael-Christopher Koji Fox