Softer versions of some FINAL FANTASY VII classics

Includes piano arrangements of "Aerith's Theme," "Those Who Fight," and "One-Winged Angel". Do not miss out on this chance to hear some of your favorite tracks reimagined!

Release Date(JP)
2004 May 10
¥2,990 (¥2,718+tax)


  • 1Tifa's Theme
  • 2Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
  • 3Cinco de Chocobo
  • 4On Our Way
  • 5Let the Battles Begin !
  • 6Cosmo Canyon
  • 7Gold Saucer
  • 8Farm Boy
  • 9Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony
  • 10JENOVA
  • 11Aerith's Theme
  • 12One-Winged Angel
  • 13Descendant of Shinobi
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