A best-of collection for battle themes!

Originally released in 2007, SQUARE ENIX BATTLE TRACKS Vol.1 finally appears on the e-STORE! Includes the battle themes from SQUARE games released from 1987-1996.

Due to the fact that music in RPGs is always tied to specific scenes, tracks tend to stick with people long after they have finished playing. Combat comprises more than half of most RPGs and, in many cases, even players' families remember hearing certain pieces of battle music. This is an entire CD of nothing but catchy battle themes.

Titles represented include: FINAL FANTASY, SaGa, LIVE・A・LIVE, Final Fantasy Adventure, and Chrono Trigger. We are convinced this treasure trove of music will reawaken countless memories within fans from back when they first played all of these classic games.

Release Date(JP)
2007 May 09
¥2,200 (¥2,000+tax)
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