The long-awaited compilation of piano arrangements from FFXII is finally here!

This collection of all-new piano arrangements of fan-favorite tracks from the 2006 hit RPG were all crafted under the direction of composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Release Date(JP)
2012 Nov 07
¥2,934 (¥2,667+tax)


  • 1Opening Movie (FFXII Theme) - To Be a Sky Pirate
  • 2Streets of Rabanastre
  • 3The Dalmasca Estersand
  • 4On the Riverbank
  • 5To Walk Amongst Gods
  • 6Penelo's Theme
  • 7Ashe's Theme
  • 8The Archadian Empire
  • 9A Moment's Rest
  • 10Nalbina Fortress
  • 11Lowtown
  • 12Eruyt Village
  • 13The Skycity of Bhujerba
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