The world of FFXV, brought to life on the keyboard

The beloved music of the FINAL FANTASY XV soundtrack is back in this latest entry in the popular Piano Collections series. Produced by Yoko Shimomura, this album includes a selection of pieces she most wanted to hear brought to life on the keyboard. Let these cool and clear melodies fill your heart and take you to another musical world.

Release Date(JP)
2017 Feb 22
¥3,080 (¥2,800+tax)

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  • 1Dreaming of the Dawn -Somnus-
  • 2Of Bygone Days -Sorrow Without Solace-
  • 3Waltzing amid Moonbeams -Valse di Fantastica-
  • 4Illusions of the Morn -Stand Your Ground-
  • 5Blest Be the Moonlight -LUNA-
  • 6Drunk on Darkness -Veiled in Black-
  • 7In Celestial Circles -Starlit Waltz-
  • 8Serenade Fantastique for Piano -NOCTIS-
  • 9Rulings and Revelations -OMNIS LACRIMA-
  • 10Shadows Foretold -APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS-
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