First collection of piano arrangements from the hit MMORPG

The first collection of piano arrangements from the massively popular MMORPG is finally here! This two-disc compilation contains a mix of previously released tracks as well as brand-new arrangements created exclusively for this album. All pieces were arranged and performed by Keiko of FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival fame.

Release Date(JP)
2019 Mar 06
¥3,630 (¥3,300+tax)

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  • 1Serenity
  • 2Wailers And Waterwheels
  • 3To the Sun
  • 4A New Hope
  • 5On Westerly Winds
  • 6I Am the Sea
  • 7Imagination
  • 8Painted Foothills
  • 9Borderless
  • 10Ominous Prognisticks
  • 11Heroes
  • 12Night in the Brume
  • 13Crimson Sunset
  • 14Old Wounds
  • 15The Worm's Tail
  • 16Westward Tide
  • 17Ink Long Dry
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