A remix album featuring popular songs from Final Fantasy XIV has arrived!

This work includes 14 songs carefully selected from the adventures of the warriors of light in "Realm Reborn," "Heavensward," "Stormblood" and "Shadowbringers."
Enjoy the music of FFXIV, which has been reborn in various genres such as Future Bass, Dubstep, House, Techno Pop, Electro Swing, and more!

Release Date(JP)
2020 Sep 30
¥3,300 (¥3,000+tax)

Official Site


  • 1Rise
  • 2Unbreakable
  • 3What Angel Wakes Me
  • 4Through the Maelstrom
  • 5Equilibrium
  • 6'Neath Dark Waters
  • 7Beauty's Wicked Wiles
  • 8I Am the Sea
  • 9Thunder Rolls
  • 10A Father's Pride
  • 11Under the Weight
  • 12Oblivion
  • 13A Long Fall
  • 14Sunrise
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