Musical Collection of Heroes and Villains from the FF Series

A new compilation album from the FINAL FANTASY series is now available on vinyl discs!
Each series has its own fascinating heroes, and villains that stand in the way of the protagonist.
The album contains theme songs and battle songs of these selected characters.
A MP3 download code is enclosed so the songs can be listened to without a record playing device.
The package features illustrations of past FF characters drawn by Tetsuya Nomura.

MP3 Download Code Included
*Download code can only be used for a limited number of times.
*An expiration date may be applied to the download code at a later time with prior notice.

* The release date of these products differs between Japan and overseas.
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* Potential release date changes will be updated on the website

Release Date(JP)
2022 Feb 28
¥3,520 (¥3,200+tax)

Official Site


≪Side A≫* The numbers in ( ) indicate the numbering of the Final Fantasy series.

  • 1Castle Cornelia(I)
  • 2Main Theme(I)
  • 3The Rebel Army(II)
  • 4Main Theme(II)
  • 5Zidane's Theme(IX)
  • 6Over the Hill(IX)
  • 7Torn from the Heavens(XIV)
  • 8Civilizations(XIV)

≪Side B≫* The numbers in ( ) indicate the numbering of the Final Fantasy series.

  • 1Battle 1 〜Fanfare(III)
  • 2This is the Last Battle(III)
  • 3Battle 1(IV)
  • 4Golbez, Clad In Darkness(IV)
  • 5Let the Battles Begin !(VII)
  • 6One-Winged Angel(VII)
  • 7Battle Theme(X)
  • 8Jecht's Theme(X)
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