FINAL FANTASY IX Vinyl record to be released!

FINAL FANTASY IX has been one of the most beloved games within the franchise since its release. A two-disc vinyl record featuring picture discs are set for a release.
Please enjoy the music of FINAL FANTASY IX on analog record.

Release Date: 2022.09.(September, 2022)
*Overseas release date differs from Japanese release date.

Release Date(JP)
2022 Jul 07
¥5,500 (¥5,000+tax)



  • 1A-1 A Place to Call Home
  • 2A-2 Vivi's Theme
  • 3A-3 Swords of Fury
  • 4A-4 Vamo'alla flamenco
  • 5A-5 Battle 1
  • 6A-6 Fanfare
  • 7A-7 Battle 2
  • 8A-8 Zidane's Theme
  • 9B-1 Festival of the Hunt
  • 10B-2 Ukulele de Chocobo
  • 11B-3 Freya's Theme
  • 12B-4 Kuja's Theme
  • 13B-5 Dark City Treno
  • 14B-6 Gargan Roo
  • 15B-7 Eternal Harvest
  • 16B-8 Roses of May


  • 1C-1 Eiko's Theme
  • 2C-2 Mount Gulug
  • 3C-3 Aboard the Hilda Garde
  • 4C-4 Pandemonium
  • 5C-5 Not Alone
  • 6C-6 Memoria
  • 7D-1 The Darkness of Eternity
  • 8D-2 The Final Battle
  • 9D-3 Melodies Of Life ~Final Fantasy
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