Introducing an acoustic arrangement album of the "FINAL FANTASY" series!

This product contains 15 carefully selected arrangements from each numbered title,
including "Eternal Wind (FINAL FANTASY III)," "Battle at the Big Bridge (FINAL FANTASY V),"
and "Zanarkand (FINAL FANTASY X)."

The participating arrangers include Yasunori Nishiki, Kevin Penkin, Yuma Yamaguchi,
and Shu Kanematsu, who are active in a variety of fields.
The booklet included in the package contains liner notes by the arrangers.
As fans of the original works, each arranger's thoughts and commentary
will make the music even more deeply enjoyable to listen to.

Take a listen to the skillful arrangements of the songs
that have colored the adventures of the "FINAL FANTASY" series!

*The tracklist is the title of original song

Release Date(JP)
2023 Feb 22
¥3,520 (税抜価格¥3,200)

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  • 1Opening Theme(FINAL FANTASY)
  • 2The Rebel Army(FINAL FANTASY II)
  • 3Eternal Wind(FINAL FANTASY III)
  • 4Battle With the Four Fiends(FINAL FANTASY IV)
  • 5Battle at the Big Bridge(FINAL FANTASY V)
  • 6Battle With the Four Fiends(FINAL FANTASY IV)
  • 7Battle at the Big Bridge(FINAL FANTASY V)
  • 8Battle to the Death(FINAL FANTASY VI)
  • 9Gold Saucer(FINAL FANTASY VII)
  • 10Don’t be Afraid & Force Your Way(FINAL FANTASY VIII)
  • 11Not Alone(FINAL FANTASY IX)
  • 12Zanarkand(FINAL FANTASY X)
  • 13Awakening(FINAL FANTASY XI)
  • 14The Dalmasca Estersand(FINAL FANTASY XII)
  • 15Blinded By Light(FINAL FANTASY XIII)
  • 16The Final Day(FINAL FANTASY XIV)
  • 17Valse di Fantastica(FINAL FANTASY XV)
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