We are pleased to present a Chill Arrangement CD featuring popular songs from FINAL FANTASY XIV!

This is a Deluxe Edition CD album that contains all 20 tracks from the streaming-only album “Sanctuary's Heart: FINAL FANTASY XIV Chill Arrangement Album,” plus four additional songs.

24 tracks that gave life to the adventures of our Warrior of Light throughout A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker were hand-picked and rearranged to create these “Chill” versions.

The arrangement tracks were produced by eight highly skilled artists from Japan.
Enjoy the relaxing vibes of these newly rearranged FINAL FANTASY XIV songs!

Release Date(JP)
2023 Sep 25
* Price may vary according to retailer.

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  • 1Serenity
  • 2Painted Foothills
  • 3The Labyrinth
  • 4Crimson Sunrise
  • 5Old Wounds
  • 6Night in the Brume
  • 7Finality
  • 8Shadows Withal
  • 9Equilibrium
  • 10Tomorrow and Tomorrow
  • 11'Neath Dark Waters
  • 12Close in the Distance
  • 13Heroes
  • 14Ink Long Dry
  • 15Civilizations
  • 16The Dark Which Illuminates the World
  • 17Stars Long Dead
  • 18Afterglow
  • 19Flow
  • 20Oblivion
  • 21Miracle Works
  • 22To the Edge
  • 23Who Brings Shadow
  • 24With Hearts Aligned
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