"Final Fantasy XIV: Golden Legacy" theme song now on sale!

A 7-inch vinyl record featuring the theme song for the latest FINAL FANTASY XIV expansion,
"Dawntrail", will be available for purchase ahead of the expansion's launch!

The record includes two versions of the iconic track: "Open Sky - The Theme from Dawntrail,"
edited as the main theme, and "Dawntrail," heard in the full-length opening trailer.

The song is composed and performed by the Primals, the official band of FINAL FANTASY XIV,
while Amanda Achen appears as the guest vocalist.

"The jacket features an entirely new illustration
from the talented artists of the FINAL FANTASY XIV team."

Release Date(JP)
2024 Jun 05
¥2,750 (¥2,500+tax)

Official Site


  • 1Open Sky - The Theme from Dawntrail
  • 2Dawntrail
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