Celebrating the 100th concert in this orchestral series!

This Blu-ray album celebrates the monumental 100th concert in this orchestral series. Features time-honored classics like FFIX's "Melodies of Life" (Vocals: Emiko Shiratori), FFXII's "Kiss Me Good-Bye" (Vocals: Susan Calloway), and FFXIV's "Torn from the Heavens." Also includes an ambitious medley of battle music from every FINAL FANTASY from I to XIV, as well as the first-ever encore performance of FFVII's "JENOVA Complete"! Enjoy the sounds of the series alongside in-game visuals and multi-angle* footage of the ensemble.
*Available only for certain performances

Release Date(JP)
2015 Aug 19
¥6,820 (¥6,200+tax)

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