An early release of an album containing tracks from the first ever FINAL FANTASY music rhythm game.
Contains 13 epic pieces that play when players explore the game's world, dungeons, and towns.


  • 1Main Theme(from FINAL FANTASY I Original Soundtrack)
  • 2Main Theme (from FINAL FANTASY II Original Soundtrack)
  • 3Eternal Wind
  • 4Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV
  • 5Four Hearts
  • 6Terra's Theme
  • 7Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII
  • 8Blue Fields
  • 9Over the Hill
  • 10Mi'ihen Highroad
  • 11Ronfaure
  • 12Giza Plains (from FINAL FANTASY XII Original Soundtrack)
  • 13The Sunleth Waterscape
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