Acclaimed music director, Keiichi Okabe, creates an ephemeral world from his collection of melodies that "transcend the boundaries of video game music."

Check out the downloadable "Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars” Original Soundtrack from the developmental team who brought you the "NieR" and "Drakengard" series! Now available!

Release Date(JP)
2021 Nov 12
* Price may vary according to retailer.

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  • 1Pursuing the Dragon - Voice of Journey's Beginnings
  • 2Where Monsters Nest
  • 3Pulsating Power
  • 4Pursuing the Dragon (Field Edit Version)
  • 5Midday Town
  • 6Dance of the Woodlander
  • 7Adventure of the Would-Be Hero
  • 8Tears of the Black Witch
  • 9Forbidden Magic
  • 10Twin Recollections
  • 11Twin Recollections (Field Edit Version)
  • 12Rest In Peace
  • 13Light Piercing Impurity
  • 14Pursuing the Dragon - The Hereafter
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