Enjoy FINAL FANTASY VI music in a piano arrangement

The "Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY VI," previously available only on CD, is now available on various streaming services! With download and streaming options, it's now even easier to enjoy.

Experience the enchanting music of the "FINAL FANTASY" series, woven together by the sounds of the piano.

*This digital release features the same audio source as the CD version that was originally sold by NTT Publishing (NTCP-1003).

Release Date(JP)
2023 Oct 25
* Price may vary according to retailer.


  • 1Tina
  • 2Gau
  • 3Cefca
  • 4Spinach Rag
  • 5Stragus
  • 6The Mystic Forest
  • 7Kids Run Through The City Corner
  • 8Johnny C Bad
  • 9Mystery Train
  • 10The Decisive Battle
  • 11Coin Song
  • 12Celes
  • 13Waltz de Chocobo
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