The third volume of the chill-arranged "Mellow Minstrel Mix" that gently embrace you with their relaxed tempo and nostalgic beats.
It contains 13 remixes of songs that bring to life the emotional scenes of each game, including "Terra's Theme" (FINAL FANTASY VI) and "City Ruins - Rays of Light" (NieR:Automata).

Release Date(JP)
2024 Feb 21
* Price may vary according to retailer.

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  • 1City Ruins - Rays of Light
  • 2Far Off Promise
  • 3Home, Sweet Home
  • 4Somnus (Instrumental Version)
  • 5Roman
  • 6Terra's Theme
  • 7Schala's Theme
  • 8Yonah / Pluck Ver.1
  • 9Ashes of Dreams / New
  • 10Hometown of Domina
  • 11Alone
  • 12Peaceful Sleep
  • 13Powell
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