Experience energetic in-game tracks seamlessly blending into chill sounds

This remix album features 12 battle BGM tracks from the game transformed into chill sounds. Arranged by Toshiki Hayashi (%C), FKD, colspan, and Takegorou Kobayashi, who have also provided tracks for the "Mellow Minstrel Mix" series of chill arrangements from SQUARE ENIX MUSIC, you can enjoy the lingering sounds that are perfect for cooling down after gameplay.

Release Date(JP)
2024 Mar 08
* Price may vary according to retailer.

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  • 1Summer -Chill Remix-
  • 2Mmm -Chill Remix-
  • 3To the Top -Chill Remix-
  • 4Ring-a-Ding-Ding -Chill Remix-
  • 5Rainbow Overload -Chill Remix-
  • 6Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea -Chill Remix-
  • 7Cleaning Up -Chill Remix-
  • 8Miracle Groovin' -Chill Remix-
  • 9Break -Chill Remix-
  • 10High on Life -Chill Remix-
  • 11Pop! -Chill Remix-
  • 12A Little Bit of Hope -Chill Remix-
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