Original soundtrack for "Star Ocean THE DIVINE FORCE"

Original soundtrack for "Star Ocean THE DIVINE FORCE," the 25th anniversary
title of the Star Ocean RPG series first released in 1996, is now available!
The 4-CD set includes tracks used in the game, including battle tracks that
change depending on the main character you select.
Composer Motoi Sakuraba, who has composed the music of the Star Ocean
series since the first game, composed and arranged the music for this title as
Please enjoy the music that fuses the two worlds of science fiction and fantasy.

Release Date(JP)
2022 Nov 02
¥4,180 (¥3,800+tax)

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  • 1Star Ocean Forever: Twin Beacons
  • 2Flickering Flame
  • 3A Ray of Hope
  • 4Premonition
  • 5Turbulent Transport
  • 6The Captain Goes It Alone
  • 7Pounding Heart
  • 8Special Delivery, Coming In Hot!
  • 9Dance of the White Blade
  • 10Lost Signpost
  • 11Looming Crisis
  • 12Still So Far to Go
  • 13Facing the
  • 14Formidable
  • 15Twin Blades to Vanquish Fear
  • 16Twin Blades to Stir the Soul
  • 17Bravery Flows Where Flesh Meets Steel
  • 18Bravery Flows Where Flesh Meets Steel (Immortalized)
  • 19The Weald
  • 20Endless Journey
  • 21Call of the Frontier
  • 22Dance of the Dust Devil
  • 23Stone Cradle


  • 1Grinding Gears
  • 2Abandoned Mines
  • 3Afternoon Sun
  • 4Forget-Me-Nots
  • 5Sea Breeze Sings Sweetly
  • 6Troublemaker
  • 7Good Morning,Miss
  • 8Vineyard
  • 9Walking on Air
  • 10Troublemaker: Gorgeous Genius, Merchant Magnate
  • 11The Game of Strategy
  • 12Summits of Silence
  • 13Creeping Shadow
  • 14Peak of the Exiled
  • 15Writhing
  • 16Snowstorm Sacrament
  • 17D.U.M.A.
  • 18Dwellers in the Dark
  • 19Dwellers in the Dark (Immortalized)
  • 20Hand in Hand
  • 21Time Ticks Away
  • 22Song of the Wood
  • 23Beckoning Thorns
  • 24Tranquil Harbor


  • 1Fertile Soil
  • 2Arbor of Ardor
  • 3Millennial Capital
  • 4Perennial Philosophy
  • 5Enemies on the Horizon
  • 6Extinguished Flame
  • 7Eternal Heat
  • 8Intrigue of the Ancient Ruins
  • 9Full Collapse
  • 10The Black Knife
  • 11The Black Knife of Ambition
  • 12Raise Your Sword Heavenward!
  • 13The Vey'l March
  • 14Triumph of Aucerius
  • 15The Ideal: To the People, a Promise
  • 16For What We Hold Dear
  • 17Invading Vey'l
  • 18Inheritance of Pride: The Akizuki
  • 19Behold the Blue Armband, Banner of Justice
  • 20Battle of the Stars
  • 21Roaring Drought
  • 22Scarred Dreams: The Terranus


  • 1Crystalline Journey
  • 2Blaze Your Own Path: The Aldous
  • 3The Scorpium
  • 4The Price of Sacrifice
  • 5The Price of Perseverance
  • 6Parrapoeiam
  • 7Corrupted Justice
  • 8Corrupted Justice (Immortalized)
  • 9Paladurnia
  • 10Light Fading from Darkened Eyes
  • 11Meteor Blazing through the Star Ocean
  • 12Torrential Minds: The Scorpium Network
  • 13Power Overflowing
  • 14The Divine Force
  • 15The Divine Force: Final Determination
  • 16Tatiana
  • 17Space & Sky
  • 18Mired in Time: The Forgotten Road
  • 19Pierce the Abyss Where the Soul Resides
  • 20Seraph's Breath: The Farthest Place from Mercy
  • 21Incarnation of Devil: Advent of Power
  • 22Incarnation of Devil: Trial of Strength
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