A wistful and emotional melody that colors the world of cards.
Music director Keiichi Okabe and MONACA's Shotaro Seo and Oliver Good present
"music beyond the realm of game music."

Check out the downloadable "Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden” Original
Soundtrack from the developmental team who brought you the "NieR" and
"Drakengard" series! Coming soon for download!

Release Date(JP)
2022 Sep 13
* Price may vary according to retailer.

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  • 1In Search of Stars
  • 2Into the Maelstrom
  • 3Cave of Terrors
  • 4A Human Home
  • 5Backward Glance
  • 6Shifting Sands
  • 7Newterra
  • 8Delighted Beast Tamer
  • 9A Dark and Winding Road
  • 10Newterra (Field Edit Version)
  • 11In Search of Stars (Story Edit Version)
  • 12Ruins of the Old World
  • 13Primal Power
  • 14In Search of Stars: The Ones I Found
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