The sound of chocobos raring to go

A re-pressing of the original soundtrack for Chocobo Racing, released in 1999. The game handed the spotlight to a familiar cast of FINAL FANTASY characters, including the titular chocobo, while they took part in races as they searched for the secret of the crystal. The album contains 30 tracks in total, including classic FF themes rearranged by composer Kenji Ito, and the game's ending theme, "Diamonds in my Heart."

Release Date(JP)
2008 Oct 01
¥2,096 (¥1,905+tax)


  • 1Dash de Chocobo
  • 2Chocobo Choosin'
  • 3Chocobo's Tune
  • 4Cid's Sonata
  • 5Mog's Muzik
  • 6Road Rollick
  • 7Golem's Groove
  • 8Goblin's Gambol
  • 9Spooky-Wooky!!!
  • 10Magician's March
  • 11Mage's Melody
  • 12La-La-Legend
  • 13Chubby's Bop-pop
  • 14Behemoth's Theme
  • 15The Esper King
  • 16Chocobo Creatin'
  • 17Cid's Test Track
  • 18Moogle Forest
  • 19The Ancient Gate
  • 20Mythril Mines
  • 21The Black Manor
  • 22Mysidian Floating Gardens
  • 23Gingerbread Land
  • 24Vulcan-O Valley
  • 25Fantasia
  • 26FF8 Circuit
  • 27Winner's Jig
  • 28Loser's Requiem
  • 29Happily Ever Chocobo
  • 30Diamonds in My Heart (Japanese Version)
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