Vinyl record featuring selected tracks of Chocobo and friends now available exclusively on the official shop!

Vinyl record of FF series favorite characters’ tracks is now available!
Features 18 tracks including “Chocobo Theme,” “Mambo de Chocobo,” and many others with cover illustration newly drawn by Toshiyuki Itahana.

Release Date(JP)
2022 May 25
¥3,520 (¥3,200+tax)

Official Site


<A Side>

  • 1Chocobo
  • 2Chocobo Theme
  • 3Chocobos!
  • 4Chocobo Chocobo
  • 5Boko's Theme
  • 6Mambo de Chocobo
  • 7Techno de Chocobo
  • 8Cinco de Chocobo
  • 9Mods de Chocobo(featuring N's Telecaster)
  • 10Ukulele de Chocobo
  • 11Chocobo Jam
  • 12"Dash de Chocobo"

<B Side>

  • 1Delighted Chocobo
  • 2Chocobo Theme (FFXII Version)
  • 3Chocobos of Pulse
  • 4Bo-down
  • 5Eorzea de Chocobo
  • 6Blues de Chocobo
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