A brand-new soundtrack penned by Revo, the musical mastermind behind Sound Horizon!

Revo, leader of the beloved fantasy band Sound Horizon, puts his "musical storytelling" talents to use in this original soundtrack spanning two discs, 46 tracks, and a wide variety of genres.

Release Date(JP)
2012 Oct 10
¥3,457 (¥3,143+tax)



  • 1Onward Into the Light: An Overture
  • 2Everlasting Instant
  • 3There Beyond the Prayer
  • 4Four Stories
  • 5Prayer
  • 6Caldisla, Land of Beginnings
  • 7Fall a Sleep...
  • 8The Horizon: Endless Light and Shadow
  • 9The Bell of Battle
  • 10The Joy of Victory
  • 11Sylvan Tranquility
  • 12Under a Hollow Moon
  • 13Visitors
  • 14Hostile Descent
  • 15That of the Name
  • 16A Dream Unfulfilled...
  • 17Into Enemy Territory
  • 18Where Flowers Fall
  • 19The Ship Sails on the Open Seas
  • 20Ancheim, Land of Sand and Time
  • 21Sunbeams through the Leaves
  • 22Dark Cavern
  • 23Beyond the Battle
  • 24My Ray of Hope
  • 25Where the Winds Blow
  • 26Fledgling
  • 27Romantic Vagrant


  • 1Reminiscence, Nostalgia's Inquiry
  • 2Shadow of the Crystal
  • 3Shimmer of the Crystal
  • 4Windswept Day
  • 5Florem, Land of Radiant Flowers
  • 6A Trifling Affair
  • 7Time of Crisis
  • 8Grandship, the Sinking State
  • 9Hartschild, Town of Shieldbearers
  • 10The Grandship Soars the Open Skies
  • 11Under the Banner of the Duchy
  • 12Eternia, Land of Immortality
  • 13A Vestal's Prayer
  • 14The Evil One
  • 15Dark Aurora
  • 16The Evil War
  • 17The Evil Wings
  • 18Uroboros, the Serpent That Devours the Horizon
  • 19Onward Into the Light: A Ballade


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