Analog record to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of "BRAVELY DEFAULT FLYING FAIRY"

Analog record "BRAVELY DEFAULT FLYING FAIRY -Recorded Journey-" exclusive at official stores
Includes 11 popular tracks from "BRAVELY DEFAULT FLYING FAIRY"
Album artwork based on the original game package!
Enjoy the music of "BRAVELY DEFAULT FLYING FAIRY" on analog record.

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Release Date(JP)
2022 Dec 02
¥4,180 (¥3,800+tax)



  • 1Onward Into the Light: An Overture
  • 2The Horizon: Endless Light and Shadow
  • 3The Bell of Battle
  • 4My Ray of Hope
  • 5Where the Winds Blow
  • 6Fledgling
  • 7Romantic Vagrant
  • 8He of the Name


  • 1The Evil Wings
  • 2Uroboros, the Serpent That Devours the Horizon
  • 3Onward Into the Light: A Ballade
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