A collection of music from the second game in the series

The second game in the Bravely series features music written by Ryo of Supercell, who took inspiration for the soundtrack after playing the first game. Includes nearly 50 songs from the world of Luxendarc.

Release Date(JP)
2015 May 20
¥3,630 (¥3,300+tax)

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  • 1Bravely Second Main Theme
  • 2Agnes in Captivity
  • 3Ready to Go?
  • 4Battle of Oblivion
  • 5The Curtain Rises
  • 6Gathelatio, Seat of the Orthodoxy
  • 7I'll Take This One Too
  • 8A Moment's Respite
  • 9The Imperial Army
  • 10Theme of Yew
  • 11The Adventure Begins
  • 12War Bells Toll
  • 13Joy of Victory – Bravely Second
  • 14Hold Your Breath
  • 15On That Day
  • 16A Trial Beckons
  • 17Impending Danger
  • 18Time of Loss


  • 1Punishing Battle
  • 2The Vanquished
  • 3A Second Chat
  • 4Sgt. Sapp and Pvt. Piddler
  • 5Theme of Magnolia
  • 6Adrift in Darkness
  • 7Den of Fiends
  • 8Row Your Boat
  • 9Insert Laughs Here?
  • 10Al-Khampis, Land of Learning
  • 11Theme of Altair and Vega
  • 12Yunohana, Land of Hot Springs
  • 13The Rubadub Sets Sail
  • 14Sagitta, Village in the Clouds
  • 15The Grand Ship – A Sea Shanty
  • 16The Grand Ship (Superstar Mix)


  • 1Overcoming Obstacles
  • 2Going Full Gravy
  • 3Le Grand Jeu
  • 4Don't Sell Me Short!
  • 5I've Got This!
  • 6Sailing the Skies
  • 7Battle with Anne
  • 8Battle with Diamante
  • 9Battle with Anne, Redux
  • 10Path to the Celestial
  • 11Battle with Providence
  • 12Last Song – Ending Version


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