An orchestral journey through KINGDOM HEARTS

Contains recordings taken from the KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra World Tour that kicked off in March 2017. This CD is a great way to experience the magic of those concerts once more.

*This product will be on sale for a limited time only.

Release Date(JP)
2017 Mar 10
¥3,630 (¥3,300+tax)


  • 1Dearly Beloved -KINGDOM HEARTS II Ver.-
  • 2Destati
  • 3Treasured Memories
  • 4The World of KINGDOM HEARTS
  • 5Fate of the Unknown
  • 6Threats of the Land: KINGDOM HEARTS Battle Medley
  • 7Heroes and Heroines: Characters' Medley
  • 8Vector to the Heavens
  • 9Wave of Darkness
  • 10Daybreak Town: The Heart of χ
  • 11The Other Promise
  • 12Let Darkness Assemble: Final Boss Battle Medley
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