In celebration of the third official concert tour of the "Kingdom Hearts" series, the second orchestral arrangement album, KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World of Tres- Album, has been released. This album features 11 meticulously selected tracks from the concert, recorded and compiled into a CD. Experience a musical journey through the worlds of KH I to KH III. This album is a definitive collection of the series' music, offering the full orchestral experience for every fan.

Release Date(JP)
2019 Apr 27
¥3,630 (¥3,300+tax)


  • 1Dearly Beloved from KINGDOM HEARTS III
  • 2Music from KINGDOM HEARTS
  • 3Music from KINGDOM HEARTS II
  • 4Music from 358/2 Days
  • 5Music from Birth by Sleep
  • 6Symphonic Suite: The Worlds of Tres I -Of Gods and Toys-
  • 7Symphonic Suite: The Worlds of Tres II -Tangled with Scares-
  • 8Symphonic Suite: The Worlds of Tres III -A Frozen Fracas-
  • 9Symphonic Suite: The Worlds of Tres IV -A Pirate’s Tale-
  • 10Symphonic Suite: The Worlds of Tres V -A Hero's Journey-
  • 11Overture to the Decisive Battle
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