Special edition celebrating the game's 20th anniversary

Celebrate the game's 20th anniversary with this two-LP vinyl collection overseen by composer Yasunori Mitsuda himself. This 18-track compilation includes music from the renowned Revival Disc, as well as from the arranged albums CREID and MYTH.

Release Date(JP)
2018 Oct 24
¥4,400 (¥4,000+tax)

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  • 1Dark Dawn
  • 2Bond of Sea and Flame
  • 3Village Pride
  • 4Intangible Treasure
  • 5We Wounded Follow the Light
  • 6October Mermaid
  • 7Soaring
  • 8The Beginning and the End
  • 9A Distant Promise


  • 1Dark Dawn - Orchestral Version -
  • 2Bartholomew
  • 3Lahan
  • 4Memories Left Behind (Revival Version)
  • 5We, the Wounded Shall Advance into the Light (Revival Version)
  • 6October Mermaid
  • 7Soaring - Orchestral Version -
  • 8The Beginning and the End (Revival Version)
  • 9A Distant Promise - Piano Version -
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