Celebrate this seminal work's 20th anniversary!

Celebrate this seminal work's 20th anniversary with this special edition of its glorious soundtrack! Composer Yasunori Mitsuda has overseen the remastering of every track, allowing you to enjoy high-quality music (96kHz/24bit) while watching original in-game footage on this Blu-ray Disc. Also includes new vocal arrangements by Yasunori Mitsuda and Mariam Abounnasr (PROCYON STUDIO) featuring the world-renowned chorus ANÚNA. Whether your "first" listen or your "last," this revitalized soundtrack is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Release Date(JP)
2018 Apr 04
¥6,050 (¥5,500+tax)

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  • 1Dark Dawn
  • 2Stars of Tears (Out take)
  • 3Bond of Sea and Flame
  • 4Village Pride
  • 5Wind from the Valley
  • 6A Distant Promise
  • 7Premonition
  • 8Steel Giants
  • 9The Blackmoon Forest
  • 10Where Dreams Hatch
  • 11Doze (Short Version)
  • 12Desert City Dazil
  • 13Adoration
  • 14Grahf -Ruler of Darkness-
  • 15Fuse
  • 16Dreams of the Brave
  • 17Intangible Treasure
  • 18Ancient Dance of Aveh
  • 19Infiltration
  • 20Deadly Dance
  • 21Dark Slumber
  • 22Windy Song
  • 23We Wounded Follow the Light
  • 24Lost... -Screeching Shards-
  • 25The Thames -Men of the Sea-
  • 26Blue Traveler
  • 27Cage of Remorse and Relief
  • 28Icy Chin
  • 29Blazing Knights
  • 30October Mermaid
  • 31Shevat -The Wind Calls-
  • 32With the Sky, the Clouds, and You
  • 33Gather Up the Night Stars
  • 34Earthly Tears, Mortal Thoughts
  • 35Soaring
  • 36Wings
  • 37Solaris -Supernal Paradise-
  • 38Doze (Long Version)
  • 39Torn
  • 40Prayers -The Joy of Hope-
  • 41Foreboding
  • 42Awakening
  • 43Fangs Bared at God
  • 44The Beginning and the End
  • 45Small Two of Pieces -Screeching Shards-
  • 46We, the Wounded Shall Advance into the Light(Revival Version)
  • 47Memories Left Behind (Revival Version)
  • 48The End of Childhood (Revival Version)
  • 49The Beginning and the End (Revival Version)
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