The landmark concert, finally available on Blu-ray

A recording of the final performance of the April 2018 concert, held at the Maihama Ampitheater, that celebrated two decades of Xenogears goodness. See for yourself why the audience gave the show a standing ovation after its finale!

Whether you're reliving that magical night or experiencing it for the first time, you won't regret adding this Blu-ray Disc to your collection!

Release Date(JP)
2019 Mar 13
¥6,930 (¥6,300+tax)

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  • 1Dark Dawn
  • 2Bond of Sea and Flame
  • 3Village Pride
  • 4Wind from the Valley - A Distant Promise
  • 5Steel Giants
  • 6Where Dreams Hatch
  • 7Grahf, Ruler of Darkness - Fuse
  • 8Dreams of the Brave - Deadly Dance
  • 9Small Two of Pieces (Piano Version)
  • 10Memories Left Behind
  • 11We, the Wounded Shall Advance into the Light
  • 12Windy Song
  • 13Lost... -Screeching Shards-
  • 14The End of Childhood
  • 15Blazing Knights
  • 16October Mermaid
  • 17Shevat -The Wind Calls-
  • 18Soaring - Wings
  • 19Foreboding
  • 20Awakening - Fangs Bared at God
  • 21The Beginning and the End
  • 22Small Two of Pieces -Screeching Shards-
  • 23Stars of Tears
  • 24Bartholomew & Lahan
  • 25A Distant Promise (Music Box Version)
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