Take a journey back to Chrono Cross with the aid of a full-size orchestra

Three releases of long-awaited orchestral arrangments of some classic soundtracks: ""CHRONO Orchestral Arrangement BOX (First-print Limited Edition),"" ""CHRONO TRIGGER Orchestral Arrangement, ""CHRONO CROSS Orchestral Arrangement.""

Release Date(JP)
2019 Sep 04
¥3,630 (¥3,300+tax)

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  • 1Chrono Cross -Scars of Time-
  • 2Arni (Home World) / Shore of Dreams (Another World)
  • 3Whirlwind / The Brink of Death
  • 4The Girl Who Stole the Stars / Dreams of the Ages
  • 5Bound by Fate
  • 6The Frozen Flame / Dragon God
  • 7The Darkness of Time / Life -A Distant Promise- / Reminisce -Enduring Thoughts-
  • 8Radical Dreamers -Le Tresor Interdit-
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