Rediscover some marvelous melodies from light years away

Another entry in the Blu-ray Disc Music series, which allows you to enjoy listening to tracks from your favorite titles alongside scenes from the games themselves. The Revival Disc sub-series in particular focuses on nostalgic titles such as Chrono Cross, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019.

The on-disc visuals are taken straight from the 1999 PlayStationR classic and they are accompanied by audio files remastered under the supervision of composer Yasunori Mitsuda himself. The booklet also contains messages from Mitsuda and the game's director, Masato Kato! Do not miss this chance to reexperience the excitement of closing the disc tray and hitting the power button all over again.

This release contains countless pieces that incorporate both progressive and ethnic genres of music?a mix of styles rarely seen in other games. A stellar example of this is the track from the game's opening movie, ""Chrono Cross ~Scars of Time~"". Fans of all kinds of music will not want to pass up this amazing album.

Release Date(JP)
2019 Aug 10
¥5,500 (¥5,000+tax)

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  • 1Chrono Cross -Scars of Time-
  • 2The Brink of Death
  • 3Arni (Home World)
  • 4Plains of Time (Home World)
  • 5Dances with Lizards
  • 6Reminisce -Enduring Thoughts-
  • 7Shore of Dreams (Another World)
  • 8Arni (Another World)
  • 9Fleeting Thoughts
  • 10Missing Piece
  • 11Fossil Valley
  • 12Termina (Another World)
  • 13The Departed Ones
  • 14Shadow Forest
  • 15Viper Manor
  • 16Victory -Boon of Spring-
  • 17Lost in Time
  • 18Guldove (Another World)
  • 19Hydra Marshes
  • 20Dreamy Shards
  • 21Sailing (Another World)
  • 22Ghost Ship
  • 23Mount Pyre
  • 24Fort Dragonia
  • 25Sorrow
  • 26Prelude to a Dream
  • 27The Bend of Time
  • 28Termina (Home World)
  • 29Dragoons
  • 30Sailing (Home World)
  • 31Guldove (Home World)
  • 32Marbule (Home World)
  • 33Zelbess
  • 34Miraculous & Mystifying
  • 35Slumber
  • 36Chronomantic
  • 37Peril
  • 38Paradise
  • 39Isle of the Damned
  • 40The Dead Sea -Tower of Geddon-
  • 41Bound by Fate
  • 42Light Cast on the Lost
  • 43Earth Dragon Isle
  • 44Gaea's Navel
  • 45Whirlwind
  • 46Victory -Call of Summer-
  • 47Marbule (Another World)
  • 48Fairy Magic
  • 49Étude 1
  • 50Étude 2
  • 51Magical Dreamers -Wind, Stars, and Waves-
  • 52The Sea of Eden
  • 53Chronopolis
  • 54Fates -Divine Destiny-
  • 55The El Nido Triangle
  • 56Burning Orphanage
  • 57The Girl Who Stole the Stars
  • 58Dreams of the Ages
  • 59Dragon Prayers
  • 60Terra Tower
  • 61The Frozen Flame
  • 62Dragon God
  • 63The Darkness of Time
  • 64Life -A Distant Promise-
  • 65Reminisce -Enduring Thoughts-
  • 66Radical Dreamers -Le Trésor Interdit-
  • 67Dreamy Shards
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