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2021 Jun 24
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Legend of Mana - Title Theme||Nostalgic Song||World of Mana||Song of Mana - Opening Theme||A Soulful Place||Hometown of Domina||Diddle's Organ||Traveler's Road||Pain of the Universe||Gato Grottoes||Picturesque Landscape||Beast of the Wildlands||Lumina, City of Moonlight||Dreaming of Yesteryear - The Siren's Song||To the Sea||Polpota Harbor||Dreaming of Yesteryear||Everlasting Calm||Bedighted Orbit||Singing Wind, Journey's Path||Geo, City of Magic||Evanescent Memories||The Darkness Nova||Pastorale||On the Ranch||Maker's Gallop||Dream-Laden Boughs||Good Times Will Come Your Way||Let's Play the Organ||Let's Play the Organ, Part II||The Diggers' Song||Song of Peace||Song of Sorrow||Song of Joy||Song of Wonder||Searching for the Truth||Lucemia - Conflicting Motives||Irwin on Reflection||Searching Beyond the Truth||Destinies Intertwined||A Bond Bestowed||The Flames||The Crimson Dragon||The Far Side of Fate||Melancholy in Blue||Sandra the Jewel Thief||Bejeweled City in Ruins||Avarice of Fools||The Color of Tears||Thoughts of the Mana Tree, Far Away - Theme of Mana||The Sanctuary of Mana||Desolate Times||Nostalgic Song Reprise - Finale||Song of Mana - Ending Theme

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