Vinyl record featuring selected tracks from OCTOPATH TRAVELER

A 2-disc vinyl record set of selected tracks from OCTOPATH TRAVELER will be released as an official store exclusive product.
As an included bonus there will be an MP3 download code, allowing fans to enjoy a total of 24 tracks (3 tracks for each of the 8 main characters) that are not included on the vinyl record.
The cover illustration is newly drawn by Naoki Ikushima, who is also involved in the production of the game's artwork. Inside the package will also feature a comment from composer Yasunori Nishiki.

Please enjoy the music of OCTOPATH TRAVELER on this vinyl record set.

* The release date of these products differs between Japan and overseas.
* Shipments may take longer to arrive if they contain an import product and may face delays due to customs and duties
* Potential release date changes will be updated on the website

Release Date(JP)
2022 Sep 26
¥4,950 (¥4,500+tax)


Disc1 Side A

  • 1Octopath Traveler -Main Theme-
  • 2Ophilia, the Cleric
  • 3The Frostlands
  • 4Battle I
  • 5Cyrus, the Scholar
  • 6The Flatlands
  • 7Battle II

Disc1 Side B

  • 1Tressa, the Merchant
  • 2The Coastlands
  • 3How Amusing!
  • 4Olberic, the Warrior
  • 5The Highlands
  • 6Decisive Battle I
  • 7Victory Fanfare

Disc1 Side C

  • 1Primrose, the Dancer
  • 2The Sunlands
  • 3Decisive Battle II
  • 4Alfyn, the Apothecary
  • 5The Riverlands
  • 6They Who Govern Reason

Disc2 Side D

  • 1Therion, the Thief
  • 2The Cliftlands
  • 3Battle III
  • 4H'aanit, the Hunter
  • 5The Woodlands
  • 6Battle at Journey's End
  • 7Daughter of the Dark God
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