OCTOPATH TRAVELER II with retro game-style sound

Introducing the first OCTOPATH TRAVELER II stand-alone arrangement album!
Popular songs from the game take on a nostalgic retro-game sound.
The album is available exclusively at the SQUARE ENIX Official Shop.

Enjoy the music of OCTOPATH TRAVELER II with "old-fashioned pixel graphics," as well as "those nostalgic sounds" that are a characteristic feature of the game, under the supervision of Yasunori Nishiki.

*Contents are subject to change without notice.
*Images are under production. The actual product may differ.
*This product will be available for pre-sale at the concert "Octopath Traveler Orchestra Concert -To travel is to live-" on March 23, 2024.

Release Date(JP)
2024 Mar 29
¥2,750 (¥2,500+tax)


  • 1Partitio, the Merchant
  • 2Toto'haha
  • 3Normal Battle I
  • 4Ku, Land of the Scarlet Sunset
  • 5Critical Clash II
  • 6Ruins Immemorial
  • 7At Your Back
  • 8Fierce Confrontation
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